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An in depth look at how we raise our pups!

Our dogs are ALL part of our family, no exceptions. They are bred under our supervision, fed the best food we have found, and are loved beyond measure.

Starting from the beginning.. We carefully select our pups that will be used for breeding, it's important to make sure that a dog that is intended for breeding comes from a healthy bloodline and they have no genetic defects that they could pass onto their offspring. Our dogs are fed Pro Plan and they receive only natural/healthy treats that we know are safe for them. When they're old enough to be bred we supervise the breeding process, that's right.. we are right there from the very moment our dogs are bred. Our Mama's whelp in our bedroom (or wherever they are more comfortable) and stay in our bedroom so we can monitor Mama and pups until they are about a week old. At that time we move the whelping pen to our living room where they will stay until they go to their new homes. We practice Puppy Culture with our pups, which gives your new baby a great start in life. It helps to socialize puppies from the moment they are born, so that when they go to their new homes they are well adjusted and acclimate to all new environments easily! We start potty training as soon as the pups start opening their eyes and walking, there's a lot of work to be done when you get your new pup and anything that we can do to help that process along is so important to us. We allow our pups to go home at eight weeks, on the rare occasion that a puppy is just not ready to go at eight weeks we reserve the right to keep the pup until we feel it is time and the pup is ready to join his/her new family. Our puppies receive their first vaccination at 6-7 weeks, we dock tails and remove dew claws when pups are 2-3 days old. Our pups are wormed on a regular schedule as well. We encourage new puppy owners to continue training their puppy with Puppy Culture, we feel this program is a wonderful way to train, bond, and learn to live with your new addition.