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Bringing your puppy home you'll want to make sure you have most of or all of these items (I put a * next to the most important things when brining home a new puppy): 

***American Naturals Premium Large Breed Puppy:

**Wire or Plastic Crate (you can start smaller and get bigger as puppy grows OR you can purchase one around 36" with a divider that you can move to give puppy space as he/she grows).

*Water/Food bowls

*Training Treats, these are our dogs favorites:


Toys! Some of our favorite brands include: GoDog, Hugglehounds, West Paw, and Spunky Pup. 

*Chews (Our puppies are given any of the chews that we carry on our website) ABSOLUTELY NO RAWHIDE EVER, rawhide is NOT digestible and not safe for any dog or puppy:

***Snuggle Puppy can help puppy with the transition to their new family, we highly  recommend these to ALL of our puppy families! Snuggle puppy has a machine that makes it feel like snuggle puppy has a heartbeat and also comes with some heat packs so puppy feels like they aren't alone, especially those first few nights away from their siblings!

Exercise pen for when you can't watch puppy, but they need more space than their kennel, but you don't have time to make sure they aren't getting into things! These are great to have on hand when puppy is little!!

I also really love to use a waterproof pad in our exercise pens in case puppy has an accident:

Our favorite dog beds are Hugglehounds Hugglefleece beds, they are INDESTRUCTABLE, easy to wash, and thick!