Producing top of the line companion and show Springers

Located in Park Rapids, MN


Zephyr is from Annie and Alex Summer 2017 litter, he lives with Alannah in the Bahamas! We just love this photo of him in his element! 


Indy is from the same litter as Zephyr and is also an outstanding pup! He belongs to the Hurley family in MN. 


Rio is an Annie and Alex pup from one of our Annie and Alex litters. He lives in MN with Josh!


Aspen is a Birdie and Alex pup! She lives in MN with the Wallace family!

Winchester (formerly Owl)

Winchester is a Birdie and Alex pup. He lives in MN. 

Milli (was Rheas)

Milli is a Birdie/ Alex pup. She lives in ND with the Smith family!


Tikka is an Annie and Alex pup. She also live in MN. 

Moxie (was Wren)

Moxie lives in ND with Nadine and family! Pictured here with her big sister Mandy (not from us, but a beautiful girl as well!!)


Keno is a Birdie/Alex pup. He lives in MN with Josh and his big brother Rio (one of our Annie/Alex pups!)