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Freedom Antler Chews

Freedom Antler Chews is our main business! Check out our website for products and pricing! All of our pups and adults are very accustomed to these products and love them all!! Our dogs are use to ALL of these treats and toys, puppies included! We've thoroughly enjoyed doing all of the background work to make sure that the products we carry are safe for your pet!! You can shop our store at and you can also check out our Facebook page at

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We currently feed Fromm Gold to our puppies.

We truly believe that giving our dogs and pups a good balanced diet is key to keeping our dogs healthy and only want the BEST for them! This is the highest quality food available and we swear by the benefits, our puppies are happy and healthy on this food and we ask that pups stay on this food to ensure proper growth through the puppy stage into the adolescent stage. Purina Pro Plan is also a great choice, but not until your puppy is older. PPP is the choice of most families that show their dogs in confirmation and other dog sports! After trying MANY different types of food, we have found these to be the best foods for our dogs and they are all doing great on them!!! 

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