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A dog lover is who I've always been, it's engrained in my DNA. At 5 years old I met my first ESS, a 10 week old pup who had strayed from his cabin, came wandering into our driveway and spent the day with me.. I was hooked and broken hearted that Norton's owner came looking for him that afternoon! I wasn't able to acquire my first springer until I was eighteen years old, he taught me what love was and he also gave us one of our biggest heartbreaks. I lived in that same house with that same driveway that little black and white springer came waltzing down many years ago, when I decided that ESS were "MY" breed. We've since moved on from that home, but one thing will always remain the same... our home will always be filled with the abounding love of a Springer (or 6!). Shortly after I graduated from high school I became a groomer and opened my own grooming shop, which I have sold now to focus on other endeavors.  Justin and I now own a natural pet supply  company. My husband Justin loves our dogs, archery, and any type of hunting or outdoor activity, he always tells me there is nothing more thrilling than watching the "spring" of a springer in action over a recently flushed pheasant.  

There is so much that goes into a name. Lakeside Summit has more meanings than I can count, besides the fact that our home was nestled on the top of a hill beside the lake when we first started, it holds true that there are a lot of trials and tribulations that a breeder has to go through. Finding breed worthy dogs is a challenge and the heartbreak that you endure along that journey is similar to climbing a mountain, hence the word summit. As a groomer I have seen more ESS with a plethora of allergy and ear problems, that being said it is of utmost importance that our dogs have NONE of these problems. The dogs we choose for breeding are held to a higher standard than most. Being a breeder comes with a large amount of responsibilities that we do not take lightly.